Rather than be a slave of trendy diets and 'the next' fitness fad, Maria has grounded her mental, physical and spiritual strengths in proven pillars of wellbeing.

Maria's foundation of inner strength and appreciation for all she has is renewed by being a constant student of yoga and meditation.

As mother of three children, Maria stays in shape by following two age old practices; running and the lifting of heavy weights.

A member of Bahrain Road Runnners, and an avid advocate of Mark Rippentoe's 'Starting Strength', Maria keeps her figure solid following a wholesome vegetarian diet.


I recently started ketogenic diet and have a wonderful results already. My energy level is increased and body fat that I didn't want to have is gone! The diet is pretty much simple and tasty! 

Ketogenic diets emphasize natural fats and protein (meat, fish, poultry) and restrict foods high in carbohydrate (sugars and starches). In short, keto diets are high fat, very low carb diets and this different way of eating is not only deliciously satisfying, but has some powerful and beneficial metabolic effects on the human body. 

Ketogenic diets are not high protein diets, as the majority of calories come from natural fats Protein intake is moderate and only small amounts of carbohydrates are allowed. Because fat is so dense in calories, this just means adding a moderate amount of extra butter, olive oil or other natural fat to fresh, whole food meals.  

The restriction of carbohydrate is the key health factor in this diet.  When carbohydrate foods (sugar and starch) are digested, they are broken down into blood sugar (glucose) in the body. The more carbs we eat, the more glucose is created.  If we reduce carb intake and instead eat more fat and protein, it causes our internal metabolic pathways to switch from burning sugar to burning fat.

This switch produces ketone bodies while at the same time reducing blood sugar and insulin levels. As blood glucose and insulin levels drop and ketone body levels rise, the heart, muscle and brain reduce glucose usage and instead rely on fats and ketones to fuel themselves.  - This information borrowed from the website: 


I will be sharing some tasty recipes. 

One of them is delicious spinach and cottage/feta cheese salad. 

All you need is:

- spinach (raw)

- avocado (raw)

- cottage or feta cheese

- olive oil

- broccoli (steamed) 

I also add chilli flakes to spice it up. 

Bon appetite!!