My new diet and exercise routine!

This post is about the metabolism. Ok, it's about aging! 
I can't believe I reached this point! I've noticed a significant change in my body this year as clearly my metabolism has slowed down. 
Before, I could eat pretty much everything, just exercise daily to keep myself fit & trim.
Unfortunately not anymore! I had to change my diet and increase the volume of my cardio! With that I'm not loosing my weight, but only maintaining. Sad right?!
So here is what I eat 6 days a week (I keep one day as my cheat day). I’m not super strict as I believe in both eating healthily & enjoying it without resorting to dietary fads. My aim is to look good ALL year round - whilst eating a balanced diet. 
Bowl of homemade granola (oats, nuts, seeds) without sugar or honey but with 2 table spoons of a greek yogurt. 
Salad (mainly green leaves, avocado, seeds) with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of MCT oil. Try mixing salad with a green pesto. Yummy!
Same as lunch. Boring right? However I love salads. The trick is to make them interesting. I stock up on the ingredients so it’s super fast to prepare. It can be a stir fry instead of a salad too.
You can add some meat, chicken or fish. I'm mainly vegetarian.
I have one scoop of a vegan protein in a shake after my heavy weights sessions.
Snacks in between: decaf coffee (not more than 2 cups a day), nuts, 85% plain black chocolate (1 square, ok 2 when I'm extra sad!!). 
Then I go mad on my cheat day!!
Are you still reading this post? 
Haha. Now to ze exercises!
I lift heavy weights one day (low rep compound lifts like dead lift, squat, bench press & shoulder press, supported by high rep sets with kettle bells & dumbbells).
The next day it’s cardio (rowing and/or indoor/outdoor running). I repeat weights/cardio every other day, alternating over 6 days. 
Then it’s rest day on the 7th day! 
Possibly combining the rest day with a cheat day (ice cream - nam nam) and sauna/massage.
I found with my slowing metabolism I had to double my cardio volume. I usually train cardio at steady state. It’s a form of meditation in its own right.
What I will try next and report to you guys is if I increase the cardio intensity (like doing intervals) and see if that speeds up my metabolic rate.
 I'm still lifting the same, no changes there yet.
Why am I writing all this? Because I want to maintain fit, healthy, strong, active and I want you to look and feel your best too. 
I want us to be aware and to make intelligent choices. I want us to be great role models for our next generation.