Why take a Family Portrait

Have you considered paying for a professional Family Portrait? You can’t decide whether to pay or just use your phone camera?

You have the latest smartphone. The camera’s great, you can take 1000s of snaps, edit them on the phone screen, and share them instantly online. Pow!

The photos we can take now with our smart phones are just wonderful!

I use my phone everyday for impromptu shots of my children, catching a funny moment, sunset or taking selfies (sans stick).



Still, once you understand the power of a modern professional camera in the hands of a trained artist, you know there is simply no replacing the right tools for the right job…Hold a smart phone snap beside a professional studio portrait and the difference is clear. When the job is to capture a moment in time - that moment being a defined point in time with your family, it deserves the ceremony of the Family Portrait.

I would say that right? I mean it’s how I get paid!

When it comes to the Art of The Portrait and even the rationale behind The Portrait, ponder these musings below and judge for yourself if you should pay for a Family Portrait or stick to the trusty smart phone snaps…




Is the Family Portrait just an 80’s throwback?


No. Not a chance. Portraits are in our DNA.


Since humans created the most basic drawings, the portrait, and especially the family portrait was an extremely important tool to honour and preserve the memory of its subjects. From cave drawings in Namibia to frescos discovered in ancient Pompeii, family portraits created a sense of belonging, identity and unity.


 A sense of occasion:


Imagine yourself in the following two scenarios:


The first, an impromptu shout to the family to line up at an event for family photo. The tool is a smartphone – the photographer a friend, family member or passer-by. Everyone does his or her best to stand ‘the right way’ to the call of ‘Cheese!’. Absolutely nothing wrong with this fun scenario, but we are highly unlikely to obtain a picture worthy of the title ‘Portrait’. Also, the chances of this photo ever getting actually printed and framed are close to zero.


The second scene – a planned photography shoot at a professional studio.


The fact that the event is planned, that you know everyone is going to look their best, means the sense of occasion of the portrait carries more weight in our minds.


You arrive at the studio, excited to look your best, and take this time out to be one as a family for The Portrait. The photographer will take careful time to welcome you, offer drinks, coffee and snacks as the shoot is explained. The studio is equipped with backdrops, lighting and precious high-end cameras all working in unison to capture your family at their best…


There is then the excitement of waiting to see the finished product of your photos, professional printed and framed.



A powerful tool for Unity:


This may seem like an odd inclusion in our reasons why to engage a professional photographer for a family portrait.


However life now moves at the speed of light. We are so busy, so caught up with our minds running overtime on all of the modern demands, its little wonder so many families are fragmented, unhappy, in turmoil.


Imagine a family portrait in a prominent part of your home. Be it a couple only, a larger family or an extended family photograph – that family portrait has power. It has the power to unite, to make you feel proud, to inspire us to be our better selves.


The Family Portrait is a symbol of unity, a statement of togetherness and love.


In tougher times, or when people are unwell, the family portrait gives us hope and strength.


It can give us meaning to carry on – even if we are annoyed, let down or upset with our family members.


Some families choose to take regular, yearly portraits as a means of commemorating time together.


Think how sports teams, GAA, rugby and golf clubs or even office locations regularly take team photos; they do so to enhance a sense of shared identity, shared history and increase their sense of unity.



A real family heirloom


Ask most people over 40 what their idea of a family heirloom is today in Ireland and likely we’ll hear the words ‘house’, ‘property’, ‘watch’, ‘wedding rings / jewelry’. In times past, heirlooms of the wealthy included family silver, gold bullion and lands – but always family portraits.


Today, for a fraction of the cost of a painter, a family can have a photographic Family Portrait become a true heirloom.


That precise moment in time conveys so much about us, and will be treasured by our children and their children.


We are spoilt by technology in the sense that I can produce for you not only as large a photograph as you desire, framed in any way you wish, but also provide you online access to your own secure storage space, and copy your photograph to an M-Disc (a form of archive compact disc that is virtually indestructible for keeping digital data intact for 100s of years to come). 



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